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We’re still here, right? Raise your paws if you thought the earth was going to explode or that the Zombie Apocalypse was just around the corner. Since I dig all things zombie, I was hoping there would actual be a Zombie Apocalypse, so you can imagine my disappointment when I didn’t see zombies outside my window. Bummer.  LOL! I did have a little fun over at http://zombify-yourself.net/! It’s pretty funny. I wish there was a way to zombify the girls but nope, just people. I find it amusing that the CDC had a blog post about Zombie Apocalypse, mainly to grab attention to disaster preparedness.  I think that’s important, which is why I have a Wag’N Rover Respond’R® Mobile Emergency Kit in my car.  It is specially designed to help keep an unfortunate situation from becoming a devastating one. This interactive kit assists you in providing First Responders with important contact and pet information. After filling out the required documentation, simply place the completed kit in your vehicle glove box and affix the alert decals which tells First Responders about its existence and whereabouts.  So, that is one way you can prepare yourself.  Also, after the tornado these past couple of days and hearing stories about pets being lost or not wanting to come with the family as they are trying to take cover, it might be wise to plan ahead and find ways to get your dog to come to you in those unfortunate instances where seconds count.  Have a plan and practice it.


We have a winner for the IN Supplements Giveaway: Danielle E.

The winner for the Pet QR Tag Giveaway is: Becca

Congrats, Danielle and Becca!  I’ll email you shortly.  If you haven’t tried IN Supplements you should.  I sprinkle a couple on the girls’ food, in addition to using them as treats.  Good stuff.  I want to thank my contact at IN Supplements for allowing me to host a giveaway.  Also, the Pet QR Tags are the new hot tag for your pets, so get yours and be one of the first in your neighborhood!





I wanted to remind everyone about the giveaways we have going on:

Silk for Milk Giveaway, ends on May 31.

PetSmart is holding a PetSmart’s Happiness in Store Contest and we are having our own mini version of the contest.  We are giving away a $50 gift card to PetSmart.  Click here for details and learn how you can enter. My pet pals at DogTipper.com area also participating and are also giving away a $50 PetSmart gift card. Click here to find out more.




Reviews coming:

For Dogs

Backseat Bridge by Kurgo.

ProActivBalance, a probiotic powder to sprinkle on your dog food.

No Ears Here, dog food bowl for dogs with long ears (Good for hounds, beagles, dachshunds, etc.).

M&J Dog Essentials – Holistic Grooming Products

For Pet Parents

Tropical Traditions powdered dishwasher detergent

GREENSuperFood by Amazing Grass




Welcome a few new readers: Anna, Gin and Michael.  Gin and Michael sent a picture of their pets and I posted the pictures HERE on our “Your Pets” page.  If you would like your pet to be included please email me their picture, with a short caption, to doggiesandstuff@gmail.com.  We LOVE seeing your pets!

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