GREENIES® Brand Wag & Walk 4 Life Update

Ok…so how are you guys doing with your goals?  Making the commitment to walk with your dog everyday is hard, I know.  It’s even harder when you have a fenced yard.  It’s easy for us to just open the door and let them out but is that really exercise?  Not really.  At least not for my clan.  I think the only exercise the girls get out there is when they chase the squirrels or bunnies.  LOL!  What motivates you to grab the leash and head out?  For me it’s an easy answer; their health and mine.  Also, I keep thinking about all the good we are doing by joining this campaign.  Read on…..

GREENIES® Brand will provide monetary donations to FSD for every person that signs up for the Wag & Walk 4 Life campaign from June 20-July 5.  How can you say “no” to that?  So, in joining the campaign, you are doing a lot of good!  You can also enter to win some cool GREENIES® Brand products here.  If you missed my original post about this campaign (and the giveaway) click HERE.



GREENIES® JointCare Canine Treats help protect joint mobility.  Yep, sure does.  It contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which helps provide building blocks for healthy joints.  It’s main ingredient, Green-Lipped Mussel, protects joint mobility naturally.  The calories are similar to weight management products.  I hear they taste pretty good, too, but I haven’t tried one yet, so I don’t know that for sure.  LOL!  All the way around, providing GREENIES® JointCare Canine Treats, and regular exercise, will help your dog(s) to live a healthier lifestyle.  Did you know that GREENIES® offers a 100% guarantee on their JointCare Canine Treats?  You can’t lose, so you might want to go ahead and give them a try.

So, where are we today?  If you show me your report card I’ll show you mine!  Ha ha!!  Kidding!  Kidding!

Look….WE earned a badge! :cue peanut’s theme music: :snoopy dance: WOOOOOOO!  Ok, so pull up your boot straps and start walking in 3…..2…..1….

Haven’t signed up yet?  Go to the GREENIES® Brand Wag & Walk 4 Life campaign to learn how.

Have a great evening everyone!  Remember your collapsible bowls and water to keep you and doggy hydrated while you are walking!

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