Put Your Best Paw Forward-Wag & Walk 4 Life

Are you being active with your dog? Not only will it help you and fido lead a healthier lifestyle, it can also help FSD (Freedom Service Dogs). For the past two weeks we have been staying active by keeping our promise to Wag & Walk 4 Life! Sponsored by our pals at GREENIES® Brand, Wag & Walk 4 Life is helping donate funds the the FSD each time someone signs up for the program.

There are several things I love about this program.  One being the dogs at FSD are dogs that have been rescued, NOT bred, for this organization.  They rescue and train unwanted and abandoned dogs, helping solve the pet overpopulation problem we have here in the USA.  They use positive reinforcement-click/treat-to help teach the dogs to do helpful tasks.

In 2010, FSD provided custom trained dogs for 27 clients-the most ever in their history and a 42% increase from 2009.  They also rescued 114 dogs from a “bleak existence” and continue to rescue, train and place dogs.  They have a 100% success rate and I can see why.  They do AMAZING work! They launched their “Operation Freedom” program early in 2009, where they identified deserving disabled veterans and matched them with a trained service dog companion.  As the daughter of a 30-year Army veteran, I commend the work FSD is doing by helping our disabled veterans.

It’s super easy to sign up and it’s definitely not too late to jump on board!

How does WAG & WALK 4 LIFE™ work with Freedom Service Dogs?

  1. Pledge to walk a certain number of miles each week with your dog.
  2. When the total miles pledged reaches 25,000 miles — a walk around the world — GREENIES® JointCare Canine Treats will make its first contribution to FSD to train and place six dogs with disabled veterans.
  3. For each additional 25,000 miles pledged, GREENIES® JointCare Canine Treats will fund two more dogs and veterans — up to 12 dogs in total.

How can this program get any better?  How about entering to win a GREENIES® Brand gift basket for your dog(s)? If you are new here, or haven’t read our previous posts about this PAWsome program, simply sign up for the Wag & Walk for Life Program by visiting GREENIES® Facebook page HERE, then go to my first post about this program HERE and leave a comment about your goal for the program. It’s so simple.

I’m sure you are wondering how we are doing after 2 weeks, right? Well, shame on me but I lost track during this past week, but I think I got everything entered now and we are back on track! We’ve earned 2 badges so far. Woof!

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