Friday’s Focus: Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association


Name of your organization:
Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association

Web Address:

Mission of your organization:
It is the mission of Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association, Inc. to responsibly welcome and re-home as many cats and dogs as our resources can appropriately support; thereby saving the lives of as many homeless cats and dogs as possible. It is also our mission to establish protocols, programs and services which meet or exceed current standards of medical care and emotional well-being, to reduce pet over-population, and to offer support and guidance to pet guardians, always treating our community and the pets in our care with compassion, dignity and respect.

How long has your organization been operating?
A handful of dedicated, compassionate individuals founded Noah’s Ark in 1966, to meet the challenge of alleviating the pain and suffering of animals, victims of indifference and pet overpopulation, and give them a second chance at life.

Describe some of your programs:
Spay/Neuter Hotline
To help ensure a long, healthy life for their pet, responsible pet owners should visit their veterinarian for routine check ups and have their pet spayed/neutered. Call Noah’s Ark or stop by the shelter to receive a coupon for reduced fee spay/neuter services from a local participating veterinarian. No income requirements apply.

Humane Education
Noah’s Ark community outreach offers a number of humane education workshops for families, scout troops, and schools. These workshops carry themes:
• preparing for a new pet
• humane treatment of animals
• important trends and concepts in pet ownership
• animal care

Community Outreach
Noah’s believes strongly in engaging our community to raise awareness and gain support for the animals. Our volunteer program is one way we do this and is also how we are able to reach our goals and better serve the animals. Our organization is governed by an all volunteer Board of Trustees. Our other volunteers manage the spay and neuter hotline, the donation canister program, the ArkNews newsletter, this website, off-site adoption events, and they help plan and manage our fundraisers. We also have volunteers who walk dogs, care for animals, help with the care of the grounds, and make repairs to our building.

We also engage our community by offering shelter tours to local community groups, hosting corporate group volunteer programs, working with the Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts on special projects, and creating other programs as needed.

Counseling and Referrals
Behavioral problems can be extremely challenging for pet owners. For example, if a pet’s regular routine is disrupted due to a new baby in the household or as a result of an owner whose new job requires travel, the pet’s usual good conduct may change as a result. The staff at Noah’s Ark offers counseling and support along with referrals to professional behavioral services.
Additionally, as we are able, we will provide referrals to pet guardians who, due to tough economic times, cannot afford pet food or basic medical care, such as vaccinations for their pets. Sadly, many pets are surrendered each year by owners who are unaware that there are resources to help them cope with such issues. Noah’s counseling, support and referral services provide a safety net to pets that might otherwise fall out of their homes and into the shelter.

What is your biggest challenge?
It is our steadfast belief that no animal shall be euthanized to make housing available for another in need and no animal shall be euthanized solely due to age, breed, length of stay or a medical or behavior condition that can be reasonably treated or modified , leaving the pet with a good quality of life. We rely on the generosity of outside sources to keep our shelter up and running, while meeting the needs of each and every animal we take in. Because of this, our biggest challenge is getting financial support, especially in tough financial times like these.

What other information would you like my readers to know about your organization?
As an organization, and as individuals, we value honesty, integrity, a collaborative spirit and respect for all people and animals. We are committed to providing a positive and participatory environment for our employees, volunteers and community at large.

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  1. Brian says:

    Such a great shelter! They do great things and hopefully will continue to do so for a long time!!