*CLOSED* Review & Giveaway: Retro Betty’s

There are still so many cleaning products on the market that are unsafe for you and your pets, so getting back to basics and finding products that are all natural, made with non-toxic ingredients, is something that is important to pet parents. With companies like Retro Betty’s popping up, pet parents are finding it easier to buy products that clean up the mess without harming their fur kids.

Retro Betty’s is a company Jodi created that was inspired by her grandmother Betty. Jodi says, “My grandmother grew up in a time in which, if you needed something, you better know how to make it. That has always stuck with me.” So, she set out to create products that are safe to use, with simple ingredients.

We made a perch for Kiko by the front window, so she can check out what is going on outside. Often she is standing on her perch with her two front paws pressed against the glass, leaving streaks and smudges from god knows what she has on those adorable little paws of hers! Occasionally her nose will touch the glass, like she is in deep thought, staring at the squirrel in the crab apple tree in the front yard. I wonder what is going through her mind in those moments because she looks so serious!

When it comes to cleaning the paw gunk and nose smudges off the front window, I need something that will not harm Kiko. I know that as soon as I clean the window, it will be no time at all before she jumps back on her perch and presses her paws against the glass. It’s a daily ritual for her. She does it when we leave, when we come home, when a dog walks past the house, when a motorcycle rides by, when kids run past the house – you get the point.

Retro Betty’s Glass/Window Cleaner is safe and effective with no carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and neurotoxins. The ingredients are: distilled water, 360 organic (and eco friendly) vodka, and white vinegar. A drop of organic blue food coloring helps tell the cleaning products apart when they are under your kitchen sink. Yes – I said vodka but that doesn’t mean you can go drinking your window cleaner, ok? While you could drink Retro Betty’s Glass/Window Cleaner, Jodi doesn’t encourage it.  She told me that it doesn’t taste very good. LOL! A 12 oz. spray bottle will set you back a mere $2.49! Now THAT is a steal! Jodi keeps her products super affordable, so everyone can afford to go green without breaking the bank.  You will not find anything over $4.95.

In addition to the Glass/Window Cleaner, Retro Betty’s carries a ton of other cleaning products: Dishwasher Detergent, Laundry Detergent, Liquid Dish Soap,  Mosquito Repellant and Antibacterial Spray – all free from toxins – all get the job done – all available at very affordable prices! The Mosquito Repellant is a diluted witch hazel with a mix of essential oils that repels mosquitoes. The Antibacterial Spray is vinegar, borax and water with essential oils that possess antibacterial properties.

Click HERE to visit Retro Betty’s to make a purchase! Jodi also offers consulting on how to turn your home into a non-toxic environment.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive one (1) Glass/Window Cleaner, one (1) Mosquito Repellant and one (1) Antibacterial Spray from Retro Betty’s!

DATES: May 7 – May 25, 2012 (midnight)

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