*CLOSED* What’s New at Petco®, Back to School, and Marina Betta Kit Giveaway

I can’t believe we are in the middle of July!  In a matter of weeks – kids will be going back to school!  I remember going back after Labor Day, which makes me feel sorry for kids today.  I just can’t imagine having to go back to school the first week in August!  Bleh!

We had a German Shepherd that would wait for us at the end of our yard and would greet all the kids.  I know she got a lot of playtime in when we were on summer break but when we went back to school she went back to sleeping all day.  I wish I could just sleep all day!

If you have a dog that is home alone all day you just need to be sure that their evenings, when you and the kids get home, consists of plenty of playtime, walks and exercise.  You need to make up for being gone all day.  In addition to making time to play with your dog(s) in the evening, there are interactive toys/games/puzzles your dog might like to play with that will challenge them and give them the stimulation they need.

Petco® carries interactive games for dogs that helps keep fido engaged.  All dogs need stimulation and enrichment and they will get that with interactive toys.  We have several at home and the girls each have their favorite.

New to Petco®, Kyjen Paw Hide Dog Toy


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Above, Kiko plays with Kyjen’s Paw Hide Dog Toy Puzzle (Regularly $19.99 – on sale now at petco.com for $14.99).  These types of toys are great for any dog, regardless of age or size.  Simply hide bite-sized treats under each paw (or only a few paws) and watch your furkid figure out how to get under the yellow paws, so she can be rewarded with the treat.  Interactive toys are great for mental stimulation and offer a bonding experience for you and your dog.  I sit on the floor with Kiko and encourage her while she is attempting to dislodge the paws.

Kiko donated the Kyjen Paw Hide Dog Toy Puzzle to the Southside Animal Shelter.

New to Petco®, LM Farms Nutrition Booster Daily Supplement for Dogs.

While the organic dog food that I feed the girls has all the proper nutrition they need, I do slice open a fish oil capsule and drizzle onto their food.  Fish oil is a natural antihistamine, as well as anti-inflammatory, and since Millie and Kiko suffer from allergies I like to give them a little something extra.  In addition, there are prebiotic and probiotic products out there, like the Nutrition Booster Daily Supplement from LM Farms, that helps maintain a healthy immune system.  New to Petco, Nutrition Booster Daily Supplements contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, and provides healthy skin and coat support.  You can find this supplement online starting at $14.99 (sale price) at petco.com as well as in stores.

Not new to Petco is their wide-variety of premium dog foods.  You can find our favorite brand Castor & Pollux™ , both the Organix® and Natural Ultramix® formulas, online and in stores.

New to Petco, CareFRESH Confetti Premium Bedding for small animals.  Here is some information about this product taken from Petco.com:

  • Carefresh controls odors
  • Super absorbent bedding
  • Made from reclaimed wood pulp
  • Carefresh Pet Bedding is chemical free
  • No pine or cedar oils
  • Treat your pet to an exciting blend of bright colors

I did receive a bag of the CareFRESH Confetti Premium Bedding for small animals, which was donated to Indy Claw Rescue. Roxy was the lucky bunny to receive the bedding. She is a 1 1/2 yr. old “Mini Rex” and is available for adoption. You can find out more about Roxy on her Petfinder.com profile by clicking here.

Another new product available at Petco online and in stores are the Hagen Marina Betta Kits.  Available in a variety of styles, complete with everything you need to start out, except for the fish, this is a wonderful item for your home or office.

Regularly priced at $14.99, you can add plants to your Marina Betta Kit to give your Betta fish a comfortable home.

All of the products above can be found at Petco.com and in Petco retail locations.  To get even better deals, sign up for Petco Pals Rewards and earn 5% back on everything you buy*.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive one (1) Marina Betta Kit, Ying Yang design (below).  Keep it for yourself, give it as a gift or donate it to be used to raise money in a raffle or auction for one of your local pet charities.

DATES: July 23 – August 10, 2012 (midnight)

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Disclaimer: I received a couple of products mentioned above from Petco.  I was under no obligation to write a blog post and had the choice to either keep the products I received, donate them or give them away.

* Excluding tax, shipping, coupons, Petco Foundation donations and Petco Gift Card purchases.

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