Friday’s Focus is BACK!

For the newbies here, each Friday I used to highlight a pet charity.  It took time for me to email the charities and get them to complete the questionnaire, so it eventually went away.  However, I think it is important to continue to highlight the important work they do, so I am bringing it back.

Bully Buddys Bully Breed Education Group


Bully Buddys’ mission is to provide the most complete, honest and accurate information about bully breed type dogs to the public and always promote responsible pet ownership.  It is also our mission to offer education and provide resources for pet owners.

Needed items:

dog food, dog collars and/or leashes, beds, sweaters, plastic totes,
dog treats, gas cards, crates, old towels/blankets, pillow sham covers

Please tell us more about your organization:

We are an all-volunteer based bully breed education group.  We travel from Fort Wayne, IN to Louisville and attend events to educate the public on bully breed type dogs.  We also offer low-cost microchips to any breed dog or cat.

We believe in responsible pet ownership, spay/neuter and providing accurate bully breed information to the public.

While we are not a rescue, we will assist a potential adopter while looking for the perfect pet. We also work with Spay Neuter Services to help owners get their pet altered.

We often help transport dogs to out of state rescues in hopes of finding their forever home!

Spay/Neuter info and applications are available at all events!

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  1. Pup Fan says:

    Sounds like a fantastic group!