My Thoughts: Frosty Bowlz®

I was so excited about being able to review this product because it’s the perfect product to help your dogs stay cool this summer – at an affordable price – and will last and last!  Whether they need a cool drink inside after playing outdoors, or their outside playing and need a cool drink on the sidelines, Frosty Bowlz® is the product to do the trick!

A unique design helps keep your spring water cool, so your dogs can have a crisp, clean, cool drink waiting for them in three easy steps!

1. A non-toxic Freezable FrostyCore™ is placed on a stainless-steel plate.

2. Place the stainless-steel bowl on top.

3. Fill with your favorite spring water or filtered water and watch your dog enjoy a cool drink.


Frosty Bowlz® can also be used for food.  Fill it with your dog’s favorite organic dog food, add water in the lip of the plate to keep ants out.  The non-skid bowl and plate will stay put, so you won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding or tipping.

Awarded Best in Show at BlogPaws 2012, Frosty Bowlz® lasts 14 to 16 hours even at 90 degrees Fahrenheit and includes a 28 oz. heavy-gauge stainless steel bowl with the highest quality non-skid surface, a heavy-gauge stainless steel plate also with the highest quality non-skid surface, the exclusive FrostyCore filled with a non-toxic freezable gel that can be used 1000’s of times.  The bowl and plate are both dishwasher safe.

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Deluxe Features Straight From Their Website Includes:
- Dishwasher Safe.
– Great for water AND food.
– Keeps perishable food fresh all day.
– FrostyBowlz is sanitary and will not harvest bacteria like a plastic bowl.
– Perfect for dogs, cats, urban chicken coops, any small animals that require fresh water and food.
– Add a little water to the tray and keep ants from getting to water or food.
– Last 25% longer than the standard FrostyBowlz version.
– The bowl is made of the heaviest premium gauge stainless steel (25% thicker than our standard model).
– The bowl has a non-skid surface if you choose to use it by itself without the FrostyCore.
– Extended Warranty (See FAQ for details).

We love this bowl.  Any product that helps your dogs have a happier, cooler summer – I am all about it.  This has been one terribly hot summer for everyone!  Perfect for picnics and gatherings away from home or simply hanging out in their own backyard.

Price: $26.99

Click HERE to purchase.

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Disclaimer: I was provided product to review and share my honest opinion with all of you.

3 Responses to “My Thoughts: Frosty Bowlz®”

  1. Thaddeus O'Donnell . says:

    What a great idea. Dogs love cold water and this product ensures that they get it! Thanks.

  2. Felix would *adore* this bowl. We were just writing over at PupLove about how he’s a bit of a Diva when it comes to his waterbowl. OMD, if they combined this frozen bowl thing with a fountain Felix would LOSE HIS MIND.