Friday’s Focus: Casa Del Toro Pit Bull Education and Rescue

Each Friday we highlight a 501 © (3) pet charity. We hope that in highlighting these worthy causes, it brings awareness to their mission and maybe even the ultimate: a forever family for an adoptable dog.

Name of your organization: Casa Del Toro Pit Bull Education & Rescue

Web Address:

Mission of your organization:

To rescue and place deserving pit bull dogs in responsible, qualified homes while working to educate the public at large regarding the breed with a strong emphasis on ending the suffering caused by animal fighting in Indiana and improving the quality of life for shelter animals. Particularly pit bulls.

How long has your organization been operating?

Casa Del Toro (C.D.T.) was founded in 1999. C.D.T. became a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization in 2010.

Describe some of your programs:

Kennel Enrichment Program – Our Kennel Enrichment Program works on keeping Shelter animals engaged thru one on one contact with a series of structured protocols that are designed to help the animals cope with the static environment that is shelter life. The program has 2 levels, the first level works with the animals on the adoption floor & the advanced which engage the dogs in long term custody or Investigation/Stray Kennels. Each teams focus is to keep the animal engaged thru one one contact. We strive to pinpoint when an animal is beginning to show stress in the kennel and work to decrease it.

Canine Good Citizen Prep & Test – A new program we kicked off April 13th of 2011 – We are offering a 5 week Canine Good Citizen Prep class & Test for Pit Bulls & their owners. We will be offering this program 2 times a year . It might be a trivial thing to some people, but earning a canine good citizen certification (CGC) means a lot to dog owners. Not only does this certification show that you have an intelligent and well-mannered pit bull, It also shows your commitment as a responsible owner.

Community Outreach & education on the American Pit Bull Terrier

Foster Care & Rescue Program : Our Foster care & rescue program works by setting up a network of foster homes that will house our rescued dog to live inside the home as active family members while working on basic obedience skills to prepare them for adoption.

Anti Animal Fighting education- We provide educational seminars to the public & private sector on what Animal fighting is & how to combat it in your community.

Coming soon-

Pit Bull Spay & Neuter program & Low Cost Micro chipping for Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes.

We are currently working on both of these programs in which we will have a Spay & Neuter program that will allow us to offer low cost or free spay & neuters for pit bulls & pit bull mixes as well as offer low cost microchipping.

What is your biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge to date is foster homes, We can only rescue as many dogs as we have room for. Rescue happens when an animal can be taken from an at risk situation and placed into an actual foster home where the animal can learn to live as an active member of the family unit, to prepare it for adoption. This is where the dire need for more foster homes comes into play for our organization.

Fostering a dog can be a very rewarding experience, It’s a perfect set up for a person who isn’t ready to commit their entire lives to a dog, but rather a shorter time with a specific plan for the dog such as teaching the dog basic obedience ect. We encourage anyone who is in the Indianapolis ,Marion County/Hendricks county area to consider opening up their home for one of our dogs.

Our second largest challenge as it is with many other rescues, continuing to raise funds to support our Mission efforts, While lack of funds will never be an excuse for us to stop carrying our mission, It still remains one of our biggest challenges to date.

What other information would you like my readers to know about your organization?

Casa Del Toro works very hard to end Animal Fighting in Indiana, We need more volunteers to help us in that mission.

We assist with other larger agencies on Animal fighting Raids when needed, Each time we assist on these operations it only solidifies the need for us to have more volunteers willing to help us carry out our Mission.

We encourage anyone who has been looking for an opportunity to work with Pit Bull Rescue to contact us and become a volunteer.

We have several free training programs that we will be offering our Volunteers ranging from Emergency Animal Rescue to Dog Training. Several of our Members have extensive backgrounds in Emergency Animal Management, Triage & Rescue as well as Animal handling , behavior,& cruelty investigation we like to pass that knowledge down to our volunteers to make then as knowledgeable & engaged as possible & encourage them further their knowledge in each area.

We also have a huge need for volunteers in other areas such as research & development.


How will CDT accomplish our mission

•Provide the best quality of life possible for those animals removed from abusive situations, particularly those removed from fighting operations by implementing Kennel Enrichment Programs for shelter Pit Bulls.

•Change our community culture so that animals traditionally used in fighting are valued and respected such that animal fighting would be seen by ALL as cruel, inhumane blood-sport.

•Foster a community spirit that values knowledgeable and responsible ownership, an essential component of safety, sharing our homes and neighborhoods with pets.

•Providing Anti Animal Fighting education & Humane Care information to the public & at risk youths.

•Enhance law enforcement practices by providing education and tools to effectively enforce pertinent animal fighting and welfare laws.

•Educational seminars for animal control and law enforcement agencies across the state.

•Assisting animal control and law enforcement agencies with Emergency Response Medical Triage Assistance.




2 Responses to “Friday’s Focus: Casa Del Toro Pit Bull Education and Rescue”

  1. Jessica says:

    Yayyyyyy!!!! Love the pitties! Think fear of this breed is bred through ignorance especially from the media. I have always been owned by pitties and currently have a 3 year old Irish Staffie and a 1.5 yr old blue nose mixed with a wiener dogs! Best dogs EVER!