Locating a Lost Pet: Tagg – The Pet Tracker™

Finally, a GPS tracking device for dogs: Tagg – The Pet Tracker™!

The award-winning Tagg – The Pet Tracker allows you to locate your pet(s) through your computer or mobile device and acts as a GPS to monitor your pet(s) should they wander away from their “safe zone”.  The safe zone is the area around your home, which you can set from a radius of 75 to 1,000 yards.

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If your pet has wandered away from their safe zone you will receive a text or email on your mobile device; then you use the Tagg Map to locate your pet.  You can either check the map on your computer or you can use the free mobile app.  The coverage map includes the United States, including Hawaii and parts of Alaska; it will locate and track your pet anywhere there is Verizon Wireless network coverage. Since the Pet Tracker utilizes cell towers, the signal and your ability to get the service may be affected by your location. They can’t provide service when the Tagg isn’t in range of a transmission site used to provide the service.

Once you charge your Tagg you can attach it to your pet’s collar.  The Tagg is lightweight, so your pet won’t even notice it’s there, and it is securely attached.  Your active dog will not be able to remove the Tagg from their collar; it’s even water-proof (the docking station is not water-proof).  The only way it will come off is if someone removes it, whether it is you or if someone steals your pet.  We hate to think about people stealing pets but it does happen.

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Can you take your dog on a walk or on an errand without the Tracker alerting you? 

Yes!  There is a trip mode, so you can turn your trip mode on anytime you are taking your pet out of the safe zone.

What happens if your dog takes off while you are in trip mode? 

You can still locate and track your pet even when you are in trip mode.

How quickly after my pet leaves the safe-zone will I receive a notification?

You will be alerted within 10 minutes.

Other FAQ’s can be found HERE.

The First Pet Master Kit ($99.95).  This kit includes everything you need to start:

– 30 days of Tagg Service FREE ($7.95 per month after)
– 1 Tagg Tracker (Grey, Blue or Pink)
– 1 Tagg Docking Station
– 1 Collar Clip Assembly
– 1 Power Kit (AC adapter and USB cable)
– Quick Start Guide
– 30 day refund policy

Add-a-Pet-Tracker allows you to add pets (up to 9 pets per household).  Each additional Tagg is $89.95 and a monthly fee of $0.95 is added to your monthly bill for monitoring.  Tagg – The Pet Tracker can be used on cats, too.  It’s recommended that you use the system on dogs and cats that are 10 pounds or more.

My thoughts:

Tagg – The Pet Tracker™ is an amazing, state-of-the-art product.  It gives you peace of mind by giving you an affordable way to locate your pet should they wander away from home.  However, I still recommend you microchip your pet.  While Tagg – The Pet Tracker uses innovative technology to help you locate fido, the microchip is embedded and contains important contact information.  I think using both products together ensures your pet will make it back home to you.

Visit Tagg-The Pet Tracker online HERE.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taggthepettracker

Twitter: https://twitter.com/taggtracker

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/taggthepettracker

Stay tuned as we will be giving away a Tagg – The Pet Tracker during our 3rd Annual Holiday campaign!

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