Guest Post: Unique Activities to Do with Your Dog

It is a sad fact that many dogs live a really boring existence. They eat, sleep and go for walks with their owners. That is about all they get to do. This is enough to keep them content as dogs are very easily satisfied animals. However, man’s best friend deserves better. They should be able to enjoy activities that keep them mentally and physically stimulated just as humans do. Try these great, unique activities to make your dog happy.

Agility Training

This sport started in England. It evolved from the sport of horse jumping that is a popular sport there. Dogs maneuver through an obstacle course that includes things like ramps, tubes and jumps. This is a great activity that will keep dogs mentally and physically content.

You will need to spend lots of time with your dog to teach him to learn how to maneuver through the course. Dogs have to compete the obstacles on the course in the correct order and as quickly as possible during agility contests. Start out slowly while training the dog, teaching him one or two new obstacles a day. Before long, your dog will be flying through the course.

There is a lot of equipment needed to create an agility course for your dog to practice on. You can make buying this equipment as affordable as possible by doing some rewards card comparisons to get the best value.

Caught It

Frisbee Catching

This is another activity that will allow you and your dog to take part in competitions, if you choose to. However, you can do it just for fun as well, and this is an activity that is a lot of fun. Watching a dog run down a Frisbee and leap into the air to catch it is a very thrilling sight. It takes some time and effort to teach your dog this activity, but the rewards are well worth it.

You first have to train your dog to want the Frisbee. Some breeds will naturally go for the Frisbee, but others may need to be enticed first with a game of tug-a-war. Once the dog has the desire to retrieve the Frisbee, you need to teach him to release it on command. Do not let your dog hold on to the Frisbee or it is liable to get chewed up quickly.

Once the dog knows to release the disc when you ask, you can start working on having him catch it in the air. This takes a lot of patience and practice, but the beautiful feeling you’ll get when he makes that first airborne Frisbee catch will be amazing.

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  1. Kelly Ann T. says:

    My dog loves lure coursing, and going to the fundraisers is another event we do together. Today we went to the grand opening at the dog park and Artie won the most creative costume contest. He was a ninja, and he looked so cute. We also went trick or treating at the local dog bakery. The bakery is in a strip mall and you visit all the businesses who have treats in bowls sitting on chairs outside their doors. Staying at home on the couch is not in my dog’s plans.