Fizzion®: Earth-Friendly! Pet-Friendly!

I have reviewed a lot of cleaning products over the years but this product is definitely a first for me because it is the first time I received an empty bottle!  LOL!  To be fair, I did receive two sets of small white tablets to go along with the empty bottle. Let me explain…

Fizzion® uses a patented non-toxic formula that is packed into small white tablets; they remind me of alka-seltzer tablets but bigger.  One tablet, when mixed with warm water from your tap, becomes a powerful cleaning solution without the nasty chemicals that can be harmful to your pets and to the environment.

An award-winning eco-friendly product, Fizzion is an innovative biodegradable formula that completely breaks down to its natural state.  If you have Fizzion left in your bottle after a year, there are absolutely no harmful chemicals going down your drain when it is time to toss it.  If you have cleaning products you need to get rid of please do not empty them by dumping the contents down your drains or in your garbage.  Instead, find out where your city has toxic drop spots.  Typically, you can find this information by doing a search on your city, state, govt. website.  We have a phone number here in Indy for the Mayor’s Action Coalition and we can call there with a variety of questions, including where we can drop toxic products such as cleaning products, oils, paints, etc.  To help keep your community clean, and our world a better place for future generations, please recycle, dispose of products that can be harmful, or better yet – use products like Fizzion.

Fizzion’s spray bottle can be reused over and over and the tablets come in very simple compact packaging, which can be dropped into your recycling bin.  Because they use earth-friendly compact packaging they save on fuel costs.  Fizzion’s website states that “It takes 28 semi trucks to ship ordinary water-based household cleaners vs. 1 truck to ship the same quantity of Fizzion.We proudly promote the use of a reusable spray bottle so that there is less waste in our landfills. GREEN FACT: Right now plastic from household products generate more than 28 billion lbs. of waste in our landfills each year, and less than 7% of that gets recycled.

More Green Facts by Fizzion:

  • Fizzion has the lowest carbon footprint in their category.
  • More than 32 million pounds of household cleaning products are poured down the drain each day nationwide. The toxic substances found in many of these are not adequately removed by sewage treatment plants. Guess what happens when these are returned to the rivers from which cities draw their drinking water? -Spring 2002 Edition of CCA Newsletter Partners “Cleaning Without Toxic Chemicals”.

Fizzion separates themselves from other cleaning products.  They state that the cleaning agents in current leading brands can be divided in to three categories:

Enzymes (Nature’s MiracleTM, Urine OffTM, Simple SolutionTM) Once the stain is treated with an enzymatic cleaner, it can take up to several hours just to activate. Enzymatic cleaners use an encapsulation process to help remove the stain, but because enzymes are so sensitive, strong detergents needed to eliminate the odor wind up deactivating the enzymes so the mess is left half treated.

Oxys (Arm & Hammer Pet Stain and Odor Remover Plus OxyCleanTM); Oxys treat stains well but not the odor.

Deodorizers (FebrezeTM, Naturally LovingTM); Deodorizers simply mask the odor with a temporary fragrance. Once the fragrance subsides, the odor returns.

Until Fizzion came along in 2009, scientists did not believe that you could effectively treat both stains and odors equally and thoroughly.”  Fizzions breakthrough was “a proprietary blend of cleaners to create an unmatched detergency that removes the two most stubborn components of urine from the material or fabric.

I finally had an opportunity to put Fizzion to the test.  I was ready to see for myself just how well it worked on stains and odors and most importantly, how quickly it worked.

We have a partially finished basement with two light colored rugs on the floor.  Millie has decided that the basement is where she goes when she just can’t hold it.  If the girls are home alone, or I can’t hear Millie ring the bell to let me know she needs to go outside, she heads down to the basement to do her business.  I recently found two large stains on one of those rugs and was ready to put Fizzion to the Doggies and Stuff Test.

I filled the bottle with warm water, as stated on the directions, and dropped one white tablet in.  I should have added more water but I didn’t want it to overflow should I put too much in.  I let it sit for 30 seconds to dissolve the tablet.

I then took the bottle of Fizzion to the basement and took a picture of the stain.

I sprayed Fizzion over the stain.  I was surprised that there was no scent – no fragrance what-so-ever.  This was a bonus for me because a lot of the cleaners I have used in the past have strong scents to them and I often end up having a sneezing fit.

I blotted the area I sprayed with a paper towel.


I have reviewed a lot of cleaning products here at Doggies and Stuff and Fizzion not only did the job – Fizzion exceeded my expectations.  It worked fast and with little effort from me!

Fizzion will be included in our holiday campaign. Stay tuned for a chance to win!



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