Tagg, The Pet Tracker – A GPS for your Pooch

In addition to microchipping your dog, Tagg, The Pet Tracker is a great way to ensure your beloved dog can make it home to you should they get lost.

Don’t lose your pet. The Tagg™ pet tracking system allows you to see where your dog is and receive a notification if he or she wanders off.  The lightweight tracker attaches to your dog’s existing collar, and is designed to be worn at all times, even while swimming.

Tagg puts you in control of finding your pet.  Unlike a microchip, which won’t alert you if your pet is lost, Tagg is a GPS tracker that sends you a text and email when your pet gets out so you can find him NOW.  However, I still recommend you microchip.  It’s better to be armed with anything that can help you bring your pet home.

Tagg, The Pet Tracker. ©Doggies and Stuff

Where’s your pet? Now you’ll always know!

Pinpoint your dog’s whereabouts on the Tagg map.  Then, zoom in and take a look at his exact location on a computer, mobile device, or use the free Tagg mobile app.  Need directions?  They’ll provide those too. All you have to do is bring the wandering wagger back home.

Tagg works nationwide in the United States.  See the coverage map for details.

Your dog can’t text you, but Tagg can!

Whether it’s a text message about your dog leaving the Tagg zone or an email reminding you it’s time to charge your tracker, Tagg notifications make it the most efficient dog tracker on the market.

Kiko Wearing Her Tagg. Doggies and Stuff

Kiko Wearing Her Tagg. ©Doggies and Stuff

Attaches easily to your dog’s collar

Putting the Tagg tracker on your dog’s existing collar is a snap.  The GPS device securely attaches to your dog’s collar with the included two-piece clip.

Three easy steps and you’re ready to go

Once you get your pet GPS tracker, it’s simple to get it up and running.  First, create your account.  Then activate your Tagg—The Pet Tracker. Finally, set up your Tagg zone, a “geofence” around the area where your dog spends most of his time.  Start tracking your dog now.

For $99.95, Tagg, The Pet Tracker makes a great gift for any pet parent.

WIN IT: One (1) winner will receive one (1) Tagg, The Pet Tracker Starter Kit:

• 1 Tagg Tracker, 1 Docking Station, Collar Clip Assembly, and Power Kit
• 6 months of service. ($7.95/mo after 6 mos)
• Tagg Pet Family Plan available for up to nine pets*

Over $100 value!

DATES: November 12-17, 2012 (midnight)

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