Abandoning Dogs at Shelters

I just saw a story on the news last night and it’s a familiar one – dumping dogs at shelters.  I wish people would understand that there is help if they cannot continue to care for their pets.  Dumping them is not the answer and unfortunately, the holidays is the time of year when dogs get dumped left a right.

13 WTHR Indianapolis

By Jennie Runevitch

In the past week, three dogs were abandoned outside the Humane Society of Indianapolis. Surveillance cameras captured all of the illegal activity, which could lead to hundreds of dollars in fines for the suspects.

The first incident happened to “Ginger” on Tuesday. A man was seen on security video driving up to the shelter, then getting out of his car with the dog.

“You see him carrying a crate, sets it down in front of the intake door, doesn’t ring the doorbell, gets back in his car and just leaves,” explained Christine Jeschke, Chief Operations Officer at the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

A few days earlier, “Delilah” was dumped in a training yard after hours, around 8:30pm. If staffers hadn’t noticed her, Jeschke says she could have spent all night in the cold, without any shelter.

“Again, not the most responsible thing, aside from the fact that this is illegal,” Jeschke said.

Then just yesterday evening, with a Rottweiler pup, it happened again. The abandonment in the parking lot was witnessed by surveillance cameras, shelter staff and a bystander, who was bringing a cat to the facility.

“I was actually going this way and I saw the car pull up,” Jeschke said.

“It was an older, kind of beat up silver car and a woman got out and she said (kiss) come on! Just like that and she got in the car and took off,” said witness Corinna Duncan.

“We both just stopped in the parking lot and said, ‘I can’t believe we just saw that!’ To leave an animal loose, we’re right on Michigan Road, rush hour at 5:00,” Jeschke said.

“Yeah, she didn’t even look back. The woman didn’t even care. It was just… ‘Here you go’,” Duncan added.

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8 Responses to “Abandoning Dogs at Shelters”

  1. jayedee says:

    it’s a horrible scenario…and one we’re all too familiar with, living in a rural area. in the last few months, we’ve had 6 cats abandoned on our place. a box of 5 kittens (sealed in a box in 95 degree heat – thankfully in my driveway) and another older boy whose pads were literally worn raw and bleeding. our vet said he looked like he’d walked a thousand miles….they’re still not healed and this poor boy sits on the porch, day after day….watching. i think he’s waiting for his family to come back.

  2. Jessica P. says:

    Leaving them there is at least a *little* bit better than dumping them in the middle of nowhere. We live out in BFE and we constantly have animals(including tiny babies that can’t fend for themselves) just dumped out here. That’s how I ended up with the 7 dogs and cat that I have now! I wish people would realize that the Humane Society(at least the one here) even has an after hours drop off area where people can leave the animals in cages that can be locked. And you don’t really have to answer any questions you don’t want to answer if you decide to drop them off inside. I don’t know if people think they will get in trouble or have to pay if they take an animal INSIDE the shelter or what. :/

  3. Jan Keefe says:

    I hate this too. It’s bad enough people don’t commit to their pets for life as they should, but just dumping them somewhere just makes it so much worse. Thank goodness these dogs were OK.

  4. Amy Orvin says:

    I am so glad the pets were safe! God willing these people will be caught and pay big time. If it were up to me, They’d see some prison time too. Stupid Imbeciles!!!

  5. Jen says:

    I wish I could say that it’s unbelievable to me…..but at this point? It isn’t. :(

  6. Michele says:

    This just breaks my heart…I can’t even imagine doing that to my dogs or cat. My dogs look heartbroken when I leave them with my dad to take my grandma shopping.

  7. Jessica Sala says:

    So sad. I don’t begin to understand how someone could just leave their animals. I have a hard enough time leaving them at the vet, groomer, and puppuy daycare. I’d make about 5 feet and have to get them!

  8. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    I’m sad. So sad. There is help out there. Take the time to find a safe place to re-home your pet. Dogs have feelings. They are not just a piece of trash that you just throw away. They have a soul. They are one of Gods beautiful creatures. In this day and age of the internet and social media you can surely find someone to help you.