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I am often asked how I do my eye makeup, what my favorite beauty brands are, if I do my nails myself.  I have a health and beauty section on Doggies and Stuff, so I can share some of those things with my fellow pet mommas.  However, I haven’t done much lately.  I think I will start trying to commit to one blog post a week for that and I hope you will enjoy my tips and tricks, in addition to my favorite beauty products.  I would absolutely love your feedback and comments because it will help me determine if this is something you are interested in hearing about.

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Today I want to share my starry night nails and yes, I did them myself.  I have seen variations of this look on Pinterest and other social media outlets, so you may have seen similar looks.  This is something you can absolutely do at home with no need to pay someone an outrageous amount of money for.

For this look I used three different nail polish colors and brands.  I also used a makeup sponge – you know, the ones you use to put on your foundation.  You can get an entire bag of them at almost every mass retailer like Target, K-Mart for less than $3 for about 30 wedges.  You can even find them at your local pharmacy. The nail polish colors and brands are ones I have had for a few months.  I haven’t purchased nail polish in a while, so the colors I share with you may or may not be available BUT use your imagination.  You can come up with your own variations, just like I did.  I never buy nail polish full price.  Instead, always look for coupons, either in your Sunday ads or from the brand’s website.  Typically, if you sign up for their newsletters you will get coupons from time to time.

The first color I applied, on the entire nail, is Gunmetal (310) by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Xtreme Wear collection.  This Gunmetal color has a blue/grey tint to it and is one of my all time favorite colors, whether I am using it alone or in combination with other colors.

The second color I used is Secret Admirer (933) by Sinful Colors Professional.  This brand costs under $2 and with loads of great colors to choose from, you can afford to stock up.  Now, with this “middle” color, I used the makeup wedge.  I painted the end of the wedge and applied it to the middle to top of my nail, sort of in a blotting pattern.  This allows the color to blend with the first color but gives it the look of going from light to dark.

Finally, I used Diamond in the Rough (33776) by Wet N Wild from their ColorIcon collection.  I’m not sure if you can still get this but there are plenty of great polishes out there with dark sparkle.  Lightly add this sparkly nail polish to the tips of your nails.

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