Week 6 Winners – Holiday Gift Guide’s Giveaway-A-Day

Did you win in our 5th week? I’m still waiting on winners to come forward. Check here.

The winner for our Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil giveaway is: Debby (sprocket)

We have three winners for the Willowbrook Pet Sachets:

Danielle Murgia


Odean & Cason

One lucky kitty is getting a very cool Solvit Cat Pod!  Our winner is: Barbara Stenby

The three winners will each receive a Solvit Travel Bag are:

Margie Blake

Robin Phillips-Knotts


One lucky dog gets a Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Harness and the winner is:

Jennifer Boehme

The SIX (yes, 6) winners for PetSafe Dog Toys are:

Jennifer R.

Steven Epstein

Katie Mitchell

Cynthia Downer




Winners – please email me at doggiesandstuff@gmail.com if you see your name here.



5 Responses to “Week 6 Winners – Holiday Gift Guide’s Giveaway-A-Day”

  1. Jennifer R says:

    I am excited to hopefully win a PetSafe Dog Toy.
    Jennifer R

  2. Odean and Cason says:

    COngrats to all the winners!!! Enjoy your goodies! CAson and I are looking forward to our sachet!!!!

  3. robin phillips-knotts says:

    Hi! Im here. Sorta. I won the pet travel bag… right now im in middle of nowhere tx but will get w you shortly. I cant find ur email on the mobile version of your site. I had my sister email u for me. Thanks and ill b in touch. Sorty for typos- bumpy road.

  4. Debby says:

    Thank you so much!

    Happy New Year!