Doggies and Stuff Announces 2012 Best in Show & Product of The Year

2012 has been good to Doggies and Stuff and we could not have done it without all of you and the brands we have been fortunate enough to work with.

With that said, we have some ribbons we wanted to give out to products we think are top notch, not only from brands we have worked with here but products we have tried out on our own or researched, compared and priced.

I created categories for our Best in Show award.  The winners and their categories are:



Rawhide: Castor & Pollux Pet – Good Buddy Rawhide Braided Sticks

Dental Chews: GREENIES Brand Canine Dental Chews

Supplements: ALC Innovators, Inc. – IN Supplements for Dogs, Blue Label

Bully Sticks: Best Bully Sticks – Odor Free Bully Sticks

Food Topper: Clear Conscience Pet® – SuperGravy™

Crunchy: Three Dog Bakery – Dog Biscuits and Mini-Biscuits in a variety of flavors.Best-in-Show_2012

Soft: Natural Balance – Tillman’s Treats

Frozen: Head of the Pack – Freezy Pups

Freeze-Dried: Stewart Pet – Freeze-Dried Liver Dog Treats

Jerky: Dog Pack Snacks – Chicken Jerky



Innovative: Wash’n Zip Pet Bed

Orthopedic: Pet Dreams – Classic Ortho-Bliss Memory Foam Dog Bed

Style & Design: P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle And You – Lounge Dog Beds

Eco-Friendly: Greener Pup –

Crate Pad: P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle And You – Chill Pad

Blanket: Nutt Butt Bakery Best-in-Show-ribbon-2012-1

Accessories: P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle And You – Pillows

Crate Covers: Crate Covers & More – Crimson Espresso with Simply Red Cording



Car: Sleepypod – Sleepypod and Sleepypod Atom

Booster: FidoRido

Air: Sleepypod – Sleepypod Air

Buckle Up/Harness: Kurgo – Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart harness with Steel Nestling Buckles

Food/Water Bowl: Sleepypod – Yummy Travel Bowls

Handbag Carrier: JCLA – Rescue Me Tote



Shampoo and Conditioner: Cain & Able – Peppermint Shampoo & Conditioner

In-Between Baths Spray/Spritz: M&J Dog Essentials – Show Dog Shine

Tool: FURminator – deShedding Tool for DogsBest-in-Show-ribbon-2012-2

Nail Clipper: Bamboo® – Guillotine Nail Trimmer, Styptic & File

Dremel: FURminator – Nail Grinder

Ears: Ark Naturals – Ears All Right

Eyes: Ark Naturals – Eyes So Bright



Pet Stain & Odor Remover: SeaYu - Clean+Green, Carpet & Upholstery, Wood & Tile, Furniture Refresher

Household Cleaners: Retro Betty’s

Laundry: Simple Green® – Simple Green Laundry



Interactive Puzzle: Nina Ottosson – Dog Treat Maze

Treat Dispensing: Premier – Kibble Nibble

Durability: Kong – Kong Classic

Eco-friendly: Planet Dog – Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good

Organic: Purrfect Play – Fortune Flyer

Plush: P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle And You – Garden Fresh Plush Toys

Outdoor: Planet Dog – Wood Chuck with Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALLBest-in-Show-ribbon-2012-3



Anxiety (Storms, Fireworks): Earth Heart, Inc. – Canine Calm

Flea & Tick: happytails – Flea the Scene

Anti-itch: happytails – Itchin’ for Relief

Travel: Earth Heart, Inc. – Travel Calm


On The Go

Collar & Lead: Sweet Keeps on Etsy

Collar & Lead/Organic & Eco-friendly: The Good Dog Company

Dog Poop Holder/Carry All: PoopPac – PoopPac Dog Walkers Case

Coat: Ruffwear – K-9 OvercoatBest-in-Show-ribbon-2012-4

Hoodie: American Apparel – Flex Fleece Dog Zip Hoodie

Tee: Super Happy Dog Tee by Coin 1804 – Burnout Wash Tee

Sweater/Handmade: My Fabulous Puppy on Etsy

Jacket: Ruffwear – Quinzee


Dog Deals Website Winner:

Pet Food Delivery Website Winner:

Making a Difference – Human Brand:

Making a Difference – Pet Brand:


 Product Of The Year – Human: Paws N Claws Eyewear – Claws 602 Sunglasses



Product Of The Year – Pet: Dog Pack Snacks – Chicken Jerky

chicken jerky


Congratulations to all of the 2012 winners! 

This wasn’t an easy process because there are so many awesome products out there!  We created the ribbons in a variety of colors realizing that everyone has different color schemes for their sites, so please choose any color to add to your website or to any of your social media accounts.  If you have issues grabbing from our site please email me at and I will email the ribbon of your choice.

2 Responses to “Doggies and Stuff Announces 2012 Best in Show & Product of The Year”

  1. KimT says:

    …drooling here…BOL Yummy and pawsome stuff – every bit of it. It may have been difficult, but you gathered an impressive collection here, we’re impressed!
    On a different but truly important note – sure hope you had the most wonderful holidays!
    Here’s to 2013!
    CindyLu et al

  2. Ann Peake says:

    Thank you for all these reviews and listings. I am now buying products for my dogs that I read about on Doggies and Stuff.

    Honest reviews, plus the opportunity to win and test Give-aways :)