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friday's focus

Friday’s Focus highlights not-for-profit pet charities.  It’s a chance to give them a place to tell you what they do, about the animals available for adoption or animals they have helped.  It is my hope that you will visit their website and make a donation if you choose and maybe share their information with others.  If you would like your organization to be highlighted email us at


Name of your organization: Hearts and Hounds Rescue

Web Address:
(Note from Doreen – Hearts and Hounds Rescue is a new rescue.  Their website is under construction but you can learn about the dogs available for adoption at


Please tell us about your organization. 

We are a small, local rescue in NW Indiana that was established for two main reasons.

1)  To save dogs from kill shelters, have them vetted, and find them loving homes.

2)  Long-term plans include more community involvement, including helping senior and disabled individuals care for and keep their family pets; promote spay/neuter, proper vetting, and microchipping of all pets;  programs for children and teens to start teaching them at a young age the importance of caring for animals, including Hearts and Hounds Teens and Hearts and Hounds Kids clubs.



Joey’s Story

Joey is a sweet Treeing Walker Coonhound mix boy we pulled from a shelter in OH.  Joey was originally found curled up in a dark, cold barn, so emaciated that the ones who found him weren’t sure he was alive.  He was, and was taken to the local shelter, where a volunteer contacted me about him.   Hearts and Hounds Rescue’s first pull was from this same shelter (Jasper, now named Cooper by his new forever family – he was heartworm positive and very frightened and is doing great now).

Joey was not just emaciated, but had pressure sores, the worse of which had split open due to his emaciated condition and because he was so dehydrated.  (The second photo shows this.)  The vet he saw near the shelter stitched up the open pressure sore and put him on antibiotics.  He weighed just 49 pounds at that time and the vet opted to not neuter him at that time, and focused first on clearing up several infections.  It took several weeks to arrange transport to NW Indiana, and by that time Joey was up to 68 pounds.  He has since been neutered and now weighs over 80 pounds, and could still use to put on another five pounds or so.


Joey was missing areas of fur when found.  The fur has now grown back.  The open pressure sore has healed, although he’ll have a permanent scar from it.  Oh, and Joey is missing the last few inches of his tail – we have no idea what happened to it, but the hard skin at the tip is softening and fur is growing back, so it doesn’t look as bad.

Joey is a very loving boy who loves people, gets along great with other dogs, and while he’s been curious about my cats, hasn’t bothered them.


Joey is six years old,  based on a tatoo in his ear.  He’s mostly housebroken now, and is ready for a forever home.  He’s a gentle “giant” and in addition to Treeing Walker Coonhound, he definitely has a larger breed in him.

Please contact Hearts and Hounds Rescue if you are interested in Joey or any of the other dogs they have available for adoption.  Click here to see ALL the dogs that are waiting for their forever homes.

3 Responses to “Friday’s Focus”

  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Thank you for featuring Hearts and Hounds Rescue and especially for telling Joey’s story here. He’s a very special boy who deserves a loving forever home.

  2. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Joey had a meet-and-great with a great family yesterday evening. Keep fingers crossed – he might have a great forever home!