Friday’s Focus: Louisville Weimaraner Rescue, Inc.

friday's focus

We love highlighting pet charities, so we try to do this as much as possible.  There are so many good people out there that do great work caring for homeless pets and adopting them into forever homes.  If you feel the need to do something after you read the info below, I would encourage you to make a donation, no matter what amount, or share the info below about Sadie.  She is waiting for her forever home.  Thank you!  ~Doreen

Name of your organization: Louisville Weimaraner Rescue, Inc.

Web Address: http://louisvilleweimrescue.comWRLouisville

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Louisville Weimaraner Rescue, Inc. (LWRI) is a non-profit, 501c3 organization run entirely by volunteers to rescue stray, abandoned, and relinquished Weimaraners in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and surrounding states. LWRI has been working to provide “forever homes” to these Weims-in-need since 1997. Over the last 16 years, the need for our specialized services has increased exponentially. In 1997, 2 Weims were rescued and placed in loving homes with our help. In 2012, we assisted over 100 Weimaraners in finding their opportunity for a second chance at a happy life. We are funded solely through fundraising events, private donations, and adoption fees.

This year LWRI is hosting its 6th Annual “Weim & Cheese” gala on Saturday, June 29, 2013 at St. Augustine Parish Hall in Jeffersonville, IN. This is an evening of fun with music, a silent and live auction, and of course, lots of food and drink. All of the proceeds from the 2013 Weim & Cheese event will be used directly to feed, shelter, and provide much needed veterinary care to these rescued animals, who reside with our volunteers in their own homes, with their own pets and families prior to adoption. If you would like to make a donation to the auction(s), please contact us! If you would like to attend the fundraiser, tickets are $20 in advance, $25 on the day of the event. For tickets and more information, please see our website!



My name is Sadie (, and I am a five-year-old lady who is looking for a special home to call my own. I am finally beginning to feel the ground underneath me, and I feel safe. It’s been awhile (if ever) that I have felt this way, and I love it! When I first came into my foster home I was grumpy, scared and nervous. Any time I felt uncomfortable, I growled. I didn’t mean any aggression by it, but it was my way to let everyone know I didn’t feel secure. FM wanted to make sure I was okay, so a really nice lady came over and gave me a check up. She, too, wanted to make sure I was okay. She loved that I growled when I was uncomfortable because it was a clear sign no one would mistake. Unfortunately, my foster mom read this as the perfect opportunity to push my boundaries. She did. She does. Sigh. I don’t really get away with it anymore—she’s never corrected me (and the behaviorist said this was a good thing) for growling, but she doesn’t let me use it as a crutch anymore.

Because of my background, my FM is really picky about who my forever family is. (She worries about me a lot—this is why it’s taken her so long to help me with my profile.) She knew pretty quickly I wanted to be a happy dog, and I have worked really hard to be happy. AND I AM A HAPPY, HAPPY GIRL! I am a Velcro shadow . . . I want to be with my FM all the time, but I don’t have separation anxiety. I love to steal her seat when she gets up—can you blame me? It’s warm! I am learning how to play, and I play bowed for the first time to my foster brother this week—he doesn’t like to play, so it was pretty amazing for both of us. It took me about a week to get used to him . . . he gave me all the space I wanted, and now we’re buddies—we cuddle, terrorize squirrels and scope out the neighborhood from the backyard. I could live with another dog, but it is going to take me awhile to adjust (again, picky FM).

I am not very socialized, so when we go on walks I am overly interested in other dogs. I am VERY food motivated and FM thinks with exposure to more dogs, I will be better. I walk with a head harness (Gentle Leader) and I don’t like it (who does???) but I am getting better. I am okay with people touching my feet and trimming my nails, as well as cleaning my ears. I do get nervous when people are above me—but again . . . my FM . . . sigh . . . she keeps pushing me on this.

I need a family or person who is ready to take on a chica like me who needs time. I can’t be rushed. I should probably live with experienced dog people . . . those who know if I am joining another dog or pack, that I will need time. I am quick to get defensive . . . I just get scared easily.

I am crate trained, and FM leaves my foster brother and me out on our own sometimes. Sometimes we are angels and sometimes we fall to temptation . . . our time out-and-about while she is gone is never for very long, but I like being able to prove my worth.

I have not been around cats, but my foster brother and I are sure interested in the neighborhood cat when she comes around. I pick up on cat sounds on television immediately . . . so FM suggests a home without the little furballs. She hasn’t had me around little kids, but she would rather me be in a home with no kids or older kids just because I get nervous.

Weim people have said that I am not much to look at. Puh-sha. I think I am a looker. Strangers on the street who meet me tell me so. They might now know what Weims are SUPPOSED to look like. My foster mom now thinks I am absolutely beautiful. Personality is the way to make it in life. I prove that! I don’t live up to Weim standards: I have short legs, and I am a stockier build (blame that on the puppies I must have had early on), but I am 100 percent heart, and I want to please.

I am up-to-date on my shots, spayed, heart worm free, micro chipped, and being fostered in Indianapolis.

If you are interested in this Weim, please go to and fill out an adoption application. Please understand that we are all volunteers and have jobs outside of the rescue, etc. To help us work more efficiently, please complete an application PRIOR to calling us. Once we receive your application and know that you are serious about adopting one of our Weimaraners an adoption coordinator will contact you.

Also, foster homes are always in need for Weimaraners in our rescue. If you are interested, please email Thanks!

2 Responses to “Friday’s Focus: Louisville Weimaraner Rescue, Inc.”

  1. Meredith says:

    Sadie’s foster mom here…Thank you so much for sharing her story. She is such a sweet girl who has really come into her own. Love her!