Yogurt and Strawberry Frozen Dog Treats

With the warm weather hitting us, cool dog treats are a comfortable option for keeping your pups cooled down.  I got this super cute silicone and steel bone tray, which can be used for frozen treats and for baked treats, online.

They have other options, like this paws tray:

I used Plain Fat-Free Organic Stoneyfield Yogurt.  You can use Plain or Vanilla Yogurt.  I recommend Low-Fat or Fat-Free Yogurt.  You can also use Greek Yogurt, if you like; it really depends on what your dogs like and if you are watching your dog’s weight.  So, these contain Plain Fat-Free Yogurt and Fresh Strawberries.  I cut a few strawberries into tiny pieces and simply added them to the Yogurt I already put in the tray.


strawberry yogurt

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Just put the tray in the freezer for about 30-45 minutes to freeze and then pop them out for your dogs to enjoy!

Riley  Doggies and Stuff

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Disclaimer:  If you purchase these trays via our Amazon.com links below, we receive a small percentage of your purchase and in turn, is donated to our local pet charities.

6 Responses to “Yogurt and Strawberry Frozen Dog Treats”

  1. Woof! Woof! One of my favorite Frosty recipe. ENJOY! Happy Tasty Tuesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
    It was great to meet you. Sugar’s mom Rosalyn

  2. These sound great! We like to get the bags of frozen mixed fruit and do the same thing. I like that these are tasty for pups AND people – after all, I want a frozen treat sometimes too!

  3. Kirby loves frosty treats so these will be perfect this summer! I’m afraid I am addicted to the cute pans and have way too many already but I need those little paws for when I don’t want to make my big paws! LOL!

    • Doreen says:

      BOL!!!! We also have too many pans and silicone trays! Stay tuned for some more yummy frozen treat recipes. I created one last night that tastes like a pina colada drink (without the alcohol, of course, because they are for the fur kids!). Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Laura Johnson says:

    What a GREAT idea!! My dogs Love Love Love strawberries (I usually feed them the tops that I cut off when eating them) and they get a spoon of plain yogurt with their food in the morning, but adding the two in a frozen treat is a FABULOUS idea. Plus I really want to buy the bone shaped ice cube trays=) Making a note of this recipe! Thanks!