Riley’s Corner

Dear Riley Elizabeth,
I was wondering what your human feeds you. I have to say that you, Millie, and little Kiko look quite healthy and happy, not to mention you are all cute as buttons.
If you are ever in the Los Angeles area look me up! I would love to play!
Paw bump.
Jacob the Pittie


Hi Jacob,

I wish you would have included a photo of yourself. *wink wink*
My humans feed us Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance. Talk about good food!! Natural Balance is high-quality food, it’s super tasty, and good for the soul. You should ask your human to buy you some!  Your human will see that it is an affordable premium dog food!  Not only that, your human will see a difference in your skin and coat.  With a wide-range of formulas and flavors to choose from, your human will find something you like!

Thanks for the question. I’m sending you a little something.

Paw bump backatcha.

One Response to “Riley’s Corner”

  1. Carrie Boyko says:

    I love this fun new segment on your blog. Go Riley!