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There are a number of products on the market today that tout their ability to de-shed but there is really only one product that I believe to be the only product for de-shedding and that is the FURminator®.  Dogs shed; it’s a natural process.  Depending on the breed of dog, or mixed breed,  will depend on the amount of hair you are going to see on your floors, in your beds, your clothes, and on your furniture.

Kiko falling asleep while I groom her.  The FURminator relaxes her.  Ha ha!

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It’s confusing – all of the products available for you to choose from.  The FURminator website takes all the guess work out for you.  They make it easy to select the tools that you need for your pet.  You simply answer a few questions and they tell you exactly which tool or tools are the best for your pet.

I recommend using it in an area you can easily clean up.  I typically use mine outside.  The DeShedding tool pulls out the undercoat; with the first few uses – you will see quite a bit of fur.  The longer you use the FURminator, the less fur you will see in and around your home.  I’ve been using the ours for several years now and it still does the job.

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One Response to “FURminator® deShedding Tools”

  1. Right now Batman is shedding all that fur away, he is a Siberian Husky, soo is a lot of shedding!! The furminator make it so easy! Is one of the few things I use for my fur babies that I would Never change!