Giveaway Rules: Please Read

I thought I would go over the main rules of the giveaways, since we have a lot of new subscribers. There are a few people that are not reading the rules and this is costing them entries.

1. You must be an active subscriber to Doggies and Stuff either via email or RSS feed. I do check these. If you have signed up for the email subscription you will have two steps. First you enter your email address and then you confirm your subscription from the email that is sent to the email address you signed up with. The email confirmation will sometimes go to your spam folders, so check there. Make sure you add us to your list of contacts, otherwise our emails might continue to go to spam and you might miss out. A few people did not see the “winners” posts and lost out on receiving prizes.

2. Remember to leave a separate comment for EACH extra entry to do. Leaving one comment that states, “Like, follow, shared on all” or something similar will only give you ONE entry. That is because each comment is assigned a number. If I have, for example, 240 comments, when I go to choose my winner at I enter the amount of comments “240″ and ask it to generate a number between 1 and 240 to choose the winner. I then go to my admin section on my blog and look for the number is generated and the person that left the comment is the winner. You are shorting yourself if you leave one comment for all of your extra entries.

3. I just recently noticed a couple of people subscribing when I list certain giveaways and then unsubscribing if they don’t win. I then see them subscribe again when I list another giveaway they want to enter. This is unfair to others and shifty, in my opinion. So, I recently added a new rule. If you unsubscribe at anytime, you will not be allowed to enter any giveaways until you have been subscribed for 6 months. If you unsubscribe and then within a day or so resubscribe simply because you wanted to use a different email for your subscription, decided you would rather sign up via RSS feed, or something similar, that is a different thing and I will not require a 6 month probationary period for that. However, I am not going to tolerate a couple of people trying to work around the rules. There are plenty of others who genuinely enjoy reading everything here and also like entering the contests.

4. You DO NOT have to put your email address in the comment section of your comment. I do not know why other bloggers require this but I do not need it because you already give me your email address when you complete the comment form, so you do not need to leave it again in the comment. I have bolded that rule, highlighted it, and colored it red to make it stand out but new subscribers are not paying attention and are entering my contests without reading the rules.

5. Please allow, per my giveaway rules, 3-6 weeks to receive your prize. If you do not receive your prize within that time frame, please email me and I will contact the company and ask for an update. Please do not contact me before 6 weeks. The holidays may also delay your prizes, so please allow up to 8 weeks over the holidays for you to receive your prizes.

After this post goes live I will start “not approving” comments from people who are not entering correctly. I hate to be so strict but I do not know what else to do anymore as I have tried to do everything possible to make the rules stand out. I am not going to email people anymore pointing the rules out.

If anyone has a question about this post, or how to enter, email me via the “contact me” form at the top of the blog.