WISH-TV’s Indy Style

For those of you who are interested in the products that were highlighted on WISH-TV’s Indy Style, below is information on the companies and where you can find their “Green” pet products locally (Indianapolis, IN) and online.

eco-friendly and organic clothing from a new line from Petco: wishtv.com

Our local Three Dog Bakery locations carry West Paw Design® products OR you can find them online at http://WestPawDesign.com.  Highlighted on Indy Style were the Eco Nap® and their Organic Bumper Bed®.

Eco-friendly inside and out, these Eco Naps are made with IntelliLoft® fabric created from recycled plastic soda bottles and 61% recycled batting that is carefully sewn inside to eliminate bunching. Prices start at $31.90.

The Organic Bumper Bed® is made with a removable organic cotton cover, helping our Earth by reducing the amount of chemicals we put into the ground.

The cushion used on the inside of the donut dog bed is made from 100% recycled IntelliLoft®, which was previously plastic soda bottles. Since it takes less energy to clean and recycle plastic bottles than it does to make new plastic, you are not only helping keep plastic from going to landfills, but lowering the carbon footprint too. Prices start at $79.20.

West Paw Design® Products are Made in Montana, USA


Earthborn Holistic pet food is made with wholesome, nutritional ingredients, designed to offer balanced nutrients that support your pets overall health. Also, with their UPCs For Trees program, you can help the planet.  Save your UPC codes and then mail them to Earthborn Holistic, who will then plant a tree in areas that have been affected by deforestation.

Visit Earthborn Holistic to find a location online or near you that offers their pet food.  They are available here in Indianapolis, Indiana at our local Pet Supplies Plus locations.


Three Dog Bakery - All Natural Dog Food and Treats
Three Dog Bakery makes the best all natural, oven-baked dog treats, pastries, and food. They select premium all natural ingredients and then oven bake them to perfection. They do NOT add chemicals, fillers, or refined sugars-only the best dog food for our companions! It’s their way of helping your (and our) pets live a long, healthy, happy, tail-wagging life. In fact, this is why dogs love them!

Their stores in Indianapolis carry a wide-range of pet accessories, like the eco-friendly collar by Dublin Dog that Kiko wore on the Indy Style program.

They also carry Scout & Zoe’s products (directly below)



Scout & Zoe’s chews are great for dogs with allergies because they are made from 100% naturally shed elk antlers.  They last and last and last! The antlers will not splinter.  They are organic, green and a renewable resource.  Available online at Scout & Zoe’s or here in Indianapolis, Indiana at your local Three Dog Bakery stores.  Prices start at $10, depending on the size you need for your dog.


Petco’s Planet Petco line of earth conscious pet products are natural and sustainable. Included in this line are toys, accessories, grooming, bedding and more.

Purrfect Play, located in Chesterton, Indiana, creates handmade products for your pets crafted exclusively from organic, chemical free, and fair-trade materials. Five percent of each sale is gladly given to no-kill and rescue organizations. Visit http://PurrfectPlay.com for more information and to purchase the wonderful pet products highlighted on WISH-TV’s Indy Style.

Purrfect Play’s Tug Toys are made with 100% dye free organic cotton! The repurposed tags can also be used as book marks!  These hand braided Tug Toys start at $10.95.



Their Organic Wool Balls are hand formed using pasture raised organic wool from Midwest family farms. Processed without harsh chemicals, their wool balls smell of sheep and meadow air, reminding your dogs of the great outdoors. Prices Start at $5.95.


Purrfect Play carries Hemp Leashes by EarthDog, a family run company in Tennessee dedicated to earth friendly production and dog rescue. Prices start at $22.00.



Purrfect Play’s Leash Pouches are made from damaged sweaters slated for our local landfill.  Prices start at $10.00.






The adorable Reclaimed Wool Pet Blankets for dogs are available at Purrfect Play in a wide-range of colors.  Prices start at $28.00.



All the Organic Catnip toys from Purrfect Play are handcrafted in the USA using the finest organic natural fibers and catnip.  The catnip is certified organic and the toys are dye and toxin free.  We didn’t want to leave out kitty friends out of the segment, so we hope you enjoyed hearing about some great green cat products!

To see more products please visit PurrfectPlay.com.


2% of every purchase at Planet Dog helps fund the Planet Dog Foundation, which helps the training, support and placement of service dogs.  100% of every Glow For Good  ball goes to the Planet Dog Foundation.  There are many eco-friendly items to choose from at Planet Dog but our favorite is the Wood Chuck, which is made from Bamboo and recycled cork.


We all know that biodegradable poo bags are a must when walking with your dog but what about the poo in your yard?  Doggie Dooley is a pet waste disposal system that breaks down the waste.  It doesn’t harm your lawn or your pets. Available online or here in Indianapolis, Indiana at our local Pet Supplies Plus locations.



EO® has been a leading manufacturer of natural and organic products for humans for 15 years. They developed their dog products because they feel that our beloved friends deserve products as natural, sustainable and efficacious as the ones we use. Their high quality ingredients and formulations optimize performance and are gentle on the earth. We know your pet is important to you and as such we choose to list all our ingredients by their INCI names – Demand Truth in Labeling for all your Pet products.