Your Pets

This page is dedicated to YOUR PETS.  Want to see your pet(s) here?  Email me a picture or two, along with the name of your pet(s), and a short caption to and your pet will be added!  We love pets and love seeing your pets, so please feel free to share!

Manny on the front porch of our old house after playing in the snow earlier
(a few flakes are still on his muzzle).

Coco: Taking a snooze and some new bling

Fred: Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog

Roxie looking super cute.

Buster and Coco: It doesn’t get any better than this.

Oreo: What a handsome guy

Teddy is a Pekingese rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia

Diku a 4 year old puppy mill rescue has stolen our hearts!!

Biscuit and Sunshine. They both are rescues that we found on

Sienna-Devil Dog

Sienna as a pea

Bud cooling off.

Last year for Halloween I dressed Prudence up as a punk rock ballerina. I used a glittery skull tank, a tutu, and I make little faux spike cuffs using felt. She was the cutest little punk ever!


Tzeitel. She’s not wanting to get out of bed and who can blame her?  LOL!

Tzeitel and her mom, Melissa


Heather tells us that G is a year and a half old but she’s still 100% puppy! She loves going out for walks on the trail near their house, and rolling around on all of their beds.

Subscriber Po-Ching sent me a photo of her adorable doggy named Cutie.

Sheba sitting on her thrown!

Sheba playing with my brothers dog, Toby“, says reader Case.


Erin and Kaya (2 1/2 year old pointer/chow mix)


Phoebe and Runt (mother and daughter)

Angie “I am a princess and rule this house!”

Ringo Here “I am as handsome as ever!”

Steve from Gangs Of New Yorkie blog

Steve from Gangs of New Yorkie

Winnie and the snow monkey

Winnie and the snowflake on her nose

Harlie modeling the Buck-Down Collar she won from Doggies and Stuff!

Angel with her St. Patrick’s Day hat!

Adorable Bailey

Dakota standing at gate

Cody- Hawaiian lei